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SELMER Supreme Tenor

Tenor saxophone Supreme

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SELMER Supreme Tenor
SELMER Supreme Tenor
SELMER Supreme Tenor
SELMER Supreme Tenor
SELMER Supreme Tenor
SELMER Supreme Tenor


Selmer Paris tenor saxophone Supreme
The tenor Supreme achieves the feat of surpassing the flexibility and sensation of lightness found in historic models and combining those features with the precision and exactness of pitch found in modern ones. It is both powerful and capable of infinite refinement. It allows for a an impressive power or a very expressive lyricism.
This new identity for the tenor Supreme is complemented by a creative, bold and innovative aesthetic that can be found in every detail of the instrument.

•New bore in the neck, within creased entrance and exit diameters for more projection and a fuller sound.
•Modified tone holes diameters.
•Elongated bell for a more precisely pitched and generous lower register.
•Newly defined body vent.
•Reduced key diameter to“free”the tone holes and optimize the timbre.
•Reduction of the keywork course for increased finger speed

•Key: B-flat
•Ambitus: Low B-flat / high F#
•Metal thumb supports (right hand, left hand)
•Neck receiver with 3-point concentric tightening
•Mobile tightening ring in nickel silver
•Left hand pinky finger keys with hinged toggle
•Right hand F#-F adjusting arm
•Engraving specific to the Supreme
•Leather pads with rivet-free metal resonators

•Silver plated
•Gold plated
•Solid Silver
•Antiqued lacqer

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Tenor saxophone Supreme SELMER
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